Safe Driver!

We don't think it's fair that safe drivers are paying more for their car insurance in order to cover the damages and accidents caused by unsafe drivers

That's why we created the SafeDriver App. A revolutionary QIC Insured product designed for safe drivers. It's a very simple product that gives you the benefit of good driving - all you have to do is install our app and continue to drive safely!

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As long as your driving is good, we're cool!

Our app will monitor your driving and provide you feedback on how you're doing. A 'Safe Driving Score' will be the indicator of your behavior. The score will be from 0 to 100, where 100 equals the best possible driving behavior

Your safe driving score has to be above 76 to qualify for the savings on your renewal. If your score drops below 76 the app will help you improve your driving immediately to increase your score again and keep you in the safe driver zone

It's very easy to get started
  • Step 1

    Click on Buy Now and choose the insurance plan that matches your need

  • Step 2

    Install the app and activate your account with the new insurance

  • Step 3

    Start using the app and continue your safe driving       

The app scores are based on your driving behavior

Once installed, the app will give you an overall score and a score per category. The basic metrics on which you are scored are Speeding – how much you respect speed limits, Mobile Use – talking and texting while driving, Braking – how hard you brake and Acceleration – how aggressively you accelerate

Excess Speeding
Mobile Use
Harsh Braking

Another very important measurement is your usage of the phone while you are driving - texting or talking will reduce your score immediately and significantly

Designed to keep you and the roads safe

The vast majority of road traffic accidents are caused because of drivers’ inattentiveness

In fact, almost 80% of all traffic accidents are caused due to distracted driving, primarily because the driver is texting or talking on the phone. Mobile use while driving is extremely dangerous, both for the driver and all other road users

Our app is a tool to keep you focused on the road and protect yourself, your family and other road users

Artificial intelligence at it's best!

The app is developed based on the latest machine learning technology and artificial intelligence. After a few kilometers and some trips, it recognizes your driving pattern and identifies if you were the driver or passenger. In that way we are sure that your safe driving score is based only on your own driving behavior

Also it recognizes if you ‘re using your phone while in move and reduces your safe driving points significantly as using the phone while driving is one of the most unsafe things a driver can do

You have questions? We have answers

The score for each trip and the overall score of the driver is calculated using OSeven sophisticated scoring model taking into account: Speeding, Mobile use while driving, Braking (Harsh Braking and Braking Aggressiveness), Acceleration (Harsh Accelerations and Acceleration Aggressiveness) and driving in risky hours (22:00 – 04:00). Your score ranges from 0-100, where 100 is the safest

Yes. In order for the App to work properly, you should never sign out, uninstall the app or do anything that might disable the App

No, an internet connection is not required for the App to work properly. However, it is strongly recommended to keep the Wi-Fi or Mobile Data ON in order to optimize the trip recording procedure

The app is based on a year-long proven solution from the telematics experts Oseven and guarantees user anonymity. The insurer will not be able to see where the driver has been or is; QIC Insured will only receive the driving score and basic information on the drivers driving behavior.

We partner with the most trustworthy technology providers to ensure data security and privacy. We use every possible method to prevent unauthorized access, use, loss or modification of the data we record and store. Our highly secure encryption methods and our redundant data centres of the most well-known tech hosts and cloud providers around the world, provide the maximum protection of captured and stored data.

Our car insurance is much more
than low prices
the benefits are extensive, included and focused
on making it all easy for you

A car insurance from QIC Insured is much more than the right cover for you and your car. With our outstanding product, there's no end to the benefits that you will get