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We, at QIC Insured, believe in finding the best solution for each customer, quickly, correctly and with a helpful attitude. And when we want the world to know about the quality of our services, we simply let our customers do the talking. So have a look at our broad customer base and find out what they have to say about their experience with us.

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11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“Professional & Swift Services”

I found QIC very professional and swift at handling claims. It's online system proves to be real peace for my mind .

Shekar Agarval

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“Expedient website & service delivery”

Very efficient and user friendly online interface. The policy was promptly delivered to my office.

Hussain Sultan Alhyaki

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“Fast services, great timings”

Their sergvices are fast and their branch opening hours are great that are particularly suitable for my life-style.

Mr. Naveed Akhtar

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Commited to the service promise ”

QIC is the best insurance company that committedly delivers on its promises.

Raza Ali M. Muhammad

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Insurance company with many advantages ”

Simple & fast process, easy accessiblity, good customer responses, staff to guide, high degree of organization & management & high availability.. these are some of qualities of QIC.

Shanjose A. Nitto

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ The best insurance company ”

The best insurance company, I have ever dealt with.

Jeshua Ruiz I

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Excellent rates & Services ”

The insurance company with Excellent rates and service.

Kerrie McDonald

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Impeccable client satisfaction ”

Their follow up service to ensure my satisfaction with the process, was impeccable! Well done, QIC!

Narcisa Bleza

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Commendable business process ”

Keep up the good work. I really appreciate the way you do your business.

Hassan Aziz

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ The best ever ”

The best insurance company I have ever associated with.

Manish Barman

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Hassle-free, Rightly Priced ”

QIC services offer ease of transaction, are hassle-free and rightly priced.

Mr. Gilbert Aouad

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Professional Services ”

Their services are professional.

Mr. John David Henry Mainka

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Professional & Online ”

QIC offer a very professional service and the ability to renew online is fantastic.

Oliver Moritz

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Great availability of Services ”

Great service at all times. Uncomplicated resolution of the issues.

Margie Ferrera Fortu

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ In Good Hands ”

I'm in good hands with QIC vehicle insurance.

Yehia Khamis

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Great Service, fair prices ”

Good rates and great customer service.

Hassan Ibrahim Ahmed Nimir+QNB

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ The best in the world ”

QIC is the best insurance company in the world, everything is easy and at hand, no need for taking any hassle. Go Forward QIC

Susan Erni

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Dependable Services, User-friendly Website ”

I have lived in 4 countries and QIC has been the most reliable, dependable and best insurance I have had. Theirs staff is friendly, helpful and supportive and their website, easy to use and very helpful!

Nationwide International

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Feels Good ”

It feels good to be a customer of QIC.

Bhoira Zakaria Mohammedhusain

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Everything Online ”

The best thing about QIC is that every thing is online .

Katrina Bilae Laureta

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Great Service ”

Great service and very quick response!

Bien Patrick M. Cordero

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Good way to get insured ”

It was a quick online enrollment, no need to go to your office. You provide us with a very good way to get insured.

Bernard Christain Jacobs

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Quick, Efficient & Consistent Services ”

I have been with QIC since 2006 and in all these years I have just received EXCELLENT service and support from them. I was involved in a car accident where my vehicle was scrapped a few years back and QIC handled it very quickly and very efficiently. Hats off to QIC, you are excellent!

Samuel Piercy Evans

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Great Service Value ”

Exceptional services delivering great value.

Mohamad Zairi Bin Poniran + HSBC

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Easy & Efficient Services ”

Easy online services and efficient counter services.

Rony Mathew Oommen

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Easy Claims Settlement ”

Claim settlement with QIC, is really easy.

Kallangat Kuzhiyil M. Kabeer

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Easy Insurance ”

It's very easy to get insured with QIC, it takes only a few seconds!

Elena Nicole L. Khoury

11 Aug 2016, Qatar

“ Impressive Online facility ”

I appreciate their services such as sms reminders and the ability to renew insurance online and avail discount!