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Home Insurance Claims Management

Already hassled by an unfortunate mishap at home, why worry more when it comes to your insurance claim? Filing one has never been this easy before. Forget the traffic jams and the long queues at your insurance office. We offer you peace of mind.

Easy Steps To Get Your Claim Registered

Here’s a handy checklist of everything:

  1. An immediate notification to QIC in writing that can be conveniently emailed to personal.claims@qic.com.qa.
  2. A completed claims form. Want to know what one looks like? Here is an example!
  3. A Police Report detailing the nature, extent and cause of loss or damage.
  4. High resolution photographs of loss or damage.
  5. An inventory of damaged/lost items with proof of its cumulative value.
  6. A scope and cost estimate for repairing damaged items (for prior approval).
  7. Contact details for arranging a survey.
  8. A copy of your claim letter sent to third parties (if any), who may be responsible for the damage, thus protecting rights of recovery.

Have all of the above ready?

Now we are ready to file that claim! Choose the most convenient option for yourself below.

  1. Present relevant documents at our Technical Claims department in our Head Office at West Bay (7 AM to 3 PM).
  2. Send relevant documents via email to personal.claims@qic.com.qa.
  3. Send relevant documents via fax to +974 4483 1569. Please note that the fax should clearly mention the preferred medium of contact.

It’s as simple as that!

If you’d still like to chat or need more support on filing your claim

We would love to hear from you! Here are our details:

QIC Call Center: 8000 742 – open Sunday to Thursday : 7 AM - 8 PM & Saturday : 9 AM - 5 PM or email at personal.claims@qic.com.qa